Fertility Observation


VACALACa 1.0.178 Beta  v.1.0

VACALACa, also known as Very Agile Coprehensive And Life Affirmative Calendar was developed as an accessible and handy application that will help you to easily record fertility observations and analyze cycles.

Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software  v.4.0

The Hormonal Forecaster easily charts ovulation and fertility to help you achieve or avoid conception and pregnancy by charting the most fertile days of a woman's cycle.


Jupiter Observation 3D Screensaver  v.1.0.5

Launch Jupiter Observation 3D Screensaver and transfer yourself to the orbit of this exciting planet. Discover the might and beauty of the biggest planetary object in our Solar System.

Ovulations & Fertility Dates Calculator

Pregnancy calculator provide estimated results for your Fertility Conception dates, First heart beat date, organ formation date, Gestational age if you think, that you become a mother. Ovulation calendar is the advance tool to record high fertility cycles

Observation Log  v.

Astronomy observation log. Observation Log is a Windows software to log astronomy observations. The software uses an SQL Server Compact Edition database, and comes with a database containing the full Messier catalog. This program, though it is still

Fertility Counter  v.

Your fertility status at a glance! View the fertile and infertile days of your cycle or browse the calendar to view which days are fertile and your expected period dates.

Observation Manager  v.1.121

Observation Manager is a free and open logbook for (amateur-) astronomical observations.

Observation Post  v.1.2

Observation Post features include:Observes changes in: Bonjour, Network, Sleep, USB, FireWire, Volumes, Files, Folders, Smart Folders - uses Growl to post notifications.

Flat Top Observation Tool  v.1.0

Flat Top Observation Tool is a tool designed to provide observation functionality when playing Avalon Hill's (Hasbro)WWII Carrier warfare game "Flat Top" double blind.

IP9100d daemon of video observation  v.1.0

Four-channel daemon of video observation for IP video servers Aviosys IP9100A (B, Plus).

Venus Observation 3D Screensaver  v.1.0.3

Transfer yourself to the orbit of the Venus planet. Observe and explore this amazing cosmic object. High detailed space scenes in full 3D complete with relaxing ambient music will definitely impress you and your friends.

Mercury Observation 3D Screensaver  v.1.0.3

Launch this screensaver and be impressed by the high realistic colorful space scenes. Relax, watching the spectacular Mercury planet views accompanied by mysterious ambient sounds.

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